Optic Collection

Iroko and lime wood.

The pieces of wood, smaller and smaller, bigger and bigger, are skilfully assembled by hand, in order to create a wonderful optical effect.

More than 1600 pieces for a small table 45cm per 45 cm sized, more than 20000 for the table 270cm per 90cm, both of them held up by an inox steel structure, available in corten effect, too.

Unique and inimitable element, an object which seduces and lures, so that nobody, walking nearby it, could avoid brushing it, to touch with the hands the magnificence in the eyes.

As insert in a floor or boiserie, or made in other essences, or wished with different measurements, Optic Collection gets people across craft and knowledge, science and expertise and, since entirely assembled by hand, it wears the dress the customers wishes to sew upon it.